Industrial Packaging

On-Site Packing

Brighton Case Nominees provide the complete on site packing service.

  • Free consultation and quote. We will visit your premises and discuss with you the most efficient method of packing and transporting your goods.
  • Our packing team is highly skilled and experienced. Our service is second to none.

onsite packing

Our services include:

  • Heat shrink wrapping.
  • Silica gel, VCI plastic, seet bags, bubble wrap, foam, steel and nylon strapping.
  • Container layouts and packing.
  • Forklift hire.
  • Franna hire.
  • Shipping




onsite packing

Seet bag is vacumed and then sealed.



Case walls and roof are then attached.


onsite packing

This case was then left outside with no additional protection from the elements for approx. 1 year. After which it was re-opened showing no damage, it was then repacked a few months later in the same case and sent to Indonesia.


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