Industrial Packaging


Brighton Case Nominees has received Wood Packaging and Pallet Manufacturing certification. Therefore all requests for manufactured products for export will be made with certified kiln dried timber to ISPM 15 standards.

Brighton Case Nominees is also registered for mobile manufacturing. This allows us to package goods on site.

ISPM 15 is the international standard with respect to wood packaging to minimise the risk associated with the international transportation of pests. As Australia is a signatory to this standard, exports of wood packaging and pallets from Australia need to comply with these standards and are monitored by AQIS (Aust Quarantine & Inspection Service).

Australian Wood Packaging Certification

The Australian Wood Packaging Certification Scheme (AWPCS) is a certification scheme that ensures that Australian wood packaging manufacturers use Heat Treated timber and produce products that meet the ISPM 15 standard, and compliance to these requirements is authorised by AQIS through 3rd party external certification companies to apply the internationally recognised mark to wood packaging produced for the export trade.

More Information

For more information please visit the AQIS website.

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